The Uniqueness Of Headhunters

Nearly all of the other books in the career field are written by individuals who either donít actually find jobs for others, or are ghostwritten or team-written on behalf of individuals who work tangentially to the employment field. Many of these authors come from business, psychology, counseling, journalism, or education and have never had to directly depend upon the written advice that they provide to others. Although some of these books are very popular, many of these writers simply catalogue bits of useful information and then finish each of the chapters in their books with their own concluding comments.

The Advice of a Headhunter book differs from nearly anything else on the market because it has been written entirely from Don Hiteís experiences as an Executive Recruiter working on full commission over the past two and one-half decades. Donís expertise in this profession depends upon maintaining a firsthand knowledge of the key principles in the marketplace. As a successful Headhunter, he actively utilizes the same techniques in the career field that he has carefully documented in his seminar and book.

Headhunter Ė a professional job hunter that works on full-commission and utilizes a systems approach to place hard-to-find candidates into hard-to-fill positions with client companies. Also called an Executive Recruiter.

Don has never forgotten what it is like to be in the job market, because that is where he works every day. For him, it is one continuous exercise to accurately empathize with job applicants as he accompanies his candidates through the most demanding tasks in this arena. After 25 years of perfecting Human Factors techniques in being paid for personally placing over 500 cream-of-the-crop individuals, his understanding of these principles has been fully documented with the presentation of this program.

Although others in the employment industry often imitate them, true Headhunters are seldom heard from and almost never seen. The reason for this is quite simple. They operate most effectively under the cover of stealth. Even though Executive Recruiters work extensively behind the scenes to place top talent with key employers, they typically donít speak about what they do because of the very nature of their work.

Stealth Ė the act often used by Headhunters of imperceptibly aiding their candidates by carefully coaching these individuals from behind the scenes.

Oftentimes, there is an aura of mystic about Headhunters, both because they are so rare and because of how quietly they go about their business. As a result, many individuals in the general population think of them as being part spy, part engineer, part profiler, and part wizard. But underneath this shroud of secrecy, many of the best Executive Recruiters use very similar and well-proven approaches to being successful in the job market.

Now, it is possible to access these well-guarded secrets that have been so successfully used by Headhunters. In this presentation, Don has condensed the basics of his education, training, and experience as an Executive Recruiter into a written format for those who would like to study this system as a start-to-finish method of successfully obtaining their employment goals.

One who starts a journey without first knowing his or her present position is already lost. The time and effort that you spend now as a candidate in documenting where you have been, pinpointing where you are today, and mapping out where you want to go, will save you from being lost, time and again, in your job search in the future.

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