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As an accomplished Executive Recruiter with 25 years of progressive experience and over 500 personal paid placements, Don Hite offers a comprehensive program in Job Outplacement Services that is based not only upon his direct experience as a high-tech Recruiter, but also upon his published book and the seminar entitled The Advice of a Headhunter.

Although there are some differences between outplacement services and recruiting, these two functions are merely different views of the same process. In this respect, Don brings an unmatched array of experience, common sense, and training abilities that can be readily used by those who often suddenly find themselves without a job or means of adequately supporting their families on short notice.

The Outplacement Seminar that Don provides is carefully designed to deal with all three components of the human psyche that those who have lost their jobs must deal with: (1) their feelings; (2) thoughts; and, (3) actions. Don's expertise and training in Psychology and Human Factors allows him to deal with the most-often overlooked difficulty in dealing with those who have lost their source of income - that of all the negative feelings and emotions that can often overwhelm even the best of our country's workers.

Beyond this, Don effectively uses his 594-page book - The Advice of a Headhunter (2008) - as the training manual that participants can take home to follow-up on those topics of particular interest for each individual. The same systems approach that is discussed in the book and stressed in the seminar is used to help those whose careers have taken a wrong turn get back on the road in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

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The quality-minded applicant who is willing to invest the proper time, effort, and money to do things right from the beginning of his or her job search will not likely be burdened with having to call upon these same resources time and again as are those who have only half-heartedly invested their efforts while on the job market.

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