Sample Resumes

The six Sample Resumes of Navy Nuclear Trained Personnel that are listed here are designed to accompany the DHA Resume Writing Tips for Navy Nukes in the previous section of this Web Site. Each of these six Sample Resumes uses different formatting in addition to describing a different type of Navy Nuke. Integrating the appropriate formatting for your resume from this section along with resume writing theory from the previous section should result in an effective resume that will work for you in presenting your best qualifications. Good luck!

  1. Navy Nuclear Senior Officers
  2. Navy Nuclear Junior Officers
  3. Navy Nuclear Electricians Mates
  4. Navy Nuclear Electronics Technicians
  5. Navy Nuclear Machinists Mates
  6. Navy Nuclear Engineering Laboratory Technicians

NR-1 Deep Submergence Craft

Providing a Company Referral to DHA

Don Hite Associates is committed to providing a premier technical recruiting service to high-tech companies while serving Navy Nuclear Personnel with key professional assistance in transitioning back into the civilian work force.

If you are a Navy Nuke and have appreciated the assistance provided by DHA, you may return the favor and provide us with a Company Referral by notifying us of any prospective employers who are interviewing Navy Nukes that we may not be aware of.

You can be assured that this information will be put to good use in helping to match both the vocational interests and geographical preferences of some of your fellow Navy Nukes with these prospective employers.

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