Privacy Policy and
Ethical Code of Conduct

Privacy Policy

Don Hite Associates (DHA) does not divulge or release any information about any of our candidates to any firms that do not have a direct client relationship with us related to the recruitment and placement of professional applicants, except as may be required by law in extreme circumstances, such as a court order. In addition, we specifically do not sell, rent, or share the information on our database to any other firms for any other purpose. Because of the exclusivity of the work that we do, DHA has typically worked with about a dozen or less client companies during each of the last 20 years that we have been in business.

We may, however, also submit your resume and Resume Supplement Sheet to one or more of about three to four other established recruiting firms who have worked with us in our long-term professional network. Each of these firms also typically works with less than about a dozen client companies during any calendar year and is bound by the same privacy standards that we employ in operating our business.

In order to be considered for employment by some of our client companies, we may be required to ask for, and you will be required to provide to us, your Social Security Number. Our firm's Resume Supplement Sheets, however, specifically do not ask for your Social Security Number in order to provide for an even greater degree of security of your personal and employment records.

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Ethical Code of Conduct

DHA believes in a simple formula for success in selecting and marketing the professional candidates that we choose to work with. That formula consists of identifying qualified individuals who are: (1) safety conscious; (2) quality minded; (3) production oriented; and (4) willing to use good communication skills in their work if the first three attributes are not being met. Any interested professional applicant who utilizes this approach in their vocational efforts will likely be well served in working with us.

DHA was founded on the proven formula of having industry-specific technical expertise along with the commitment to providing quality service to a select number of client companies. Since it is our client companies that pay our fees, our allegiance must be to these firms as they are our customers. However, DHA is also committed to providing personal, professional placement services to all of the applicants that we choose to work with. It is our pledge to treat all existing and potential candidates in a professional and respectful manner by providing accurate and frank feedback throughout the job search process.

If you are a candidate that we choose to work with, you can be assured that we use all of the information that you provide to us to assist you in capitalizing upon the personal strengths and professional talents that you have, as well as minimizing the personal weaknesses and professional detriments that you may have. Every reasonable effort is taken to ensure that each candidate is fully apprised of how to make the best presentation to our corporate clients during the interviewing and hiring process.

With these standards in mind, it is imperative that you provide us with complete, accurate, and frank answers to the questions that we ask in order that we may provide the best service possible on your behalf. In the final analysis, it does none us any good to present your resume to one or more of our client companies, if there is a valid reason why they could not actually make an offer of employment to you, or there is a valid reason why you could not accept an offer from one or more of these firms.

Ethics the ongoing task of maintaining a state in which you treat others, as you would have them treat you.

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