Navy Nuclear Enlisted Resume Supplement Sheet
Please use both upper and lower case letters in filling out this Resume Supplement Sheet,
just as if you were writing a business letter and using proper English.

Background Information:
First Name: Home Phone: - -
Last Name: Work Phone: - - Ext
Address1: Cell Phone: - -
Address2: Email:
City: Duty Station:
State: Date Entered Service:
Zip Code: - EAOS:
Type of Discharge: Actual Date Available for Work:
Home State: Spouse's Name:
Marital Status: Spouse's Home State:
Ages of Children: Spouse's Occupation

In many cases, employers request contact information after our candidates have relocated from their final duty station. For this reason, please list a permanent telephone number of a close relative or trusted friend who will always be able to get a message to you when you are on terminal leave or even several months after you have left the service. This telephone number will never be used any purpose other than to relay a message to you about a job opportunity.
Permanent Contact: Phone: - -

Navy Training:Class Rank 
Please list either your actual class rank (i.e., 60/120) or approximate class standing (i.e., Top 50%) in all three (or four) Navy Nuclear Schools.
Nuclear Prototype:
Nuclear Power School:
Nuclear "A" School:

Current Salary:$ / yearRealistically Desired Salary:$ / year
Minimum Acceptable Salary for Excellent Opportunity/Location: $ / year

Career Goals:
Please rank the following five items with respect to their importance to your career:
(KEY: 1 = Most Important)
Advancement Potential
Job Security
Type of Position

Please check all of the following employment categories that are applicable:
What work will you consider? Nuclear Information Technology Manufacturing
What work do you prefer? Nuclear Information Technology Manufacturing
What shifts will you consider? Days Only Shift Work Rotating Shifts
What type of work will you consider? Permanent,
Field Service With
     40% Travel

Navy Nuclear Qualifications:
Navy Nuclear Electricians Mate Petty Officer Grade of E-
Navy Nuclear Electronics Technician Warrant Officer Grade of W-
Navy Nuclear Machinists Mate Total Years of Navy Training and Experience

Engineering Officer of the Watch Work Center Supervisor
Engineering Watch Supervisor Prototype Instructor
Propulsion Plant Watch Supervisor Classroom Instructor
Engineroom Supervisor Training Petty Officer
Chief Reactor Watch Master Training Specialist
Chief Reactor Auxiliary Operator ET Maintenance School
Chief Mechanical Operator C-7 School
Electrical Load Dispatcher Quality Assurance Inspector
Electrical Operator Radcon Shift Supervisor
Shutdown Reactor Operator Engineering Laboratory Technician
Reactor Technician Leading Engineering Laboratory Technician
Reactor Operator Nuclear Qualified Welder

In marketing you to our corporate clients, it is important that we know where you would like to go, where you will go for a good opportunity, and where you will not go under any circumstances. Please use the map to list your geographical preferences, alternate areas of consideration, and undesirable locations by listing, in order of preference, either the number of the area or the states themselves. Please list all regions and/or states under one of these three categories.
US Map Desirable Areas:
Alternate Areas:
Undesirable Areas:

Do you own the home you presently live in?

Are there significant issues or contingencies that could prevent you from accepting new employment or relocating, such as your spouse�s employment, schools for your spouse or children, child custody issues, or special medical needs for a family member?

Are there any other comments that could be helpful to us in assisting in your transition to a new or better position?

Please list all companies that you do not want us to contact on your behalf:

Please list all other Executive Search Firms that you have contacted, sent your resume to, or registered with:

Please list all Internet Job Boards that you have either registered with or sent your resume to:

Please list all companies to which either you, or an Executive Search Firm, have submitted your resume or an employment application to:

Please list any pending offers of employment that you presently have or anticipate receiving:

Professional References:
Rank and NameShip or CommandEmail Address

By submitting this Resume Supplement Sheet and your resume to Don Hite Associates you certify that the information contained herein is true and accurate. Thanks very much for your time and consideration.

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