What This Comprehensive Book Provides

The Advice of a Headhunter book provides a comprehensive career program with a start-to-finish approach that can be used by anyone looking for a new or better job. It solves the two consistent problems facing today’s job applicant: most candidates don’t ever use a system to look for a new position; and, most job seekers never understand the importance of presenting oneself as a total quality candidate. The Advice of a Headhunter addresses these problems by placing the responsibility for success squarely on the shoulders of the job seeker. Whether or not the employment industry does a good job of screening and hiring applicants, The Advice of a Headhunter provides a written roadmap for today’s candidate.

This complete plan tells the reader specifically what is needed to be a total quality candidate, including those attributes that are mental, emotional, and physical. As a quality-oriented applicant, one must attend to all of the essential traits and skills to present one’s best image. Those who ignore any of these areas will likely be removed by Single Elimination Criteria in today’s job market. This career manual shows applicants not only how to look like a quality candidate, but how to act like a quality candidate, and to actually be a quality candidate, all at the same time.

Quality – doing it right the first time, every time.

The author, Don Hite, is a nationally recognized expert in his field as an Executive Recruiter in one of the most competitive high-tech industries in the country. Over the past two and one-half decades he has tested and polished his methodology in being paid for personally placing over 500 applicants with some of today’s largest Fortune 500 Firms. When job applicants follow his plan, they are successful in maximizing their best attributes while minimizing their potential shortcomings in the employment market. But when candidates forget about the systems approach and total quality, they frequently come up short when the job offers are passed out.

Single Elimination Criteria – the de-selection process employers utilize that will eliminate you from further consideration if you fail to meet any one of many criteria that they choose to judge you upon.

The Advice of a Headhunter presents the most comprehensive methodology for job applicants at almost any level of the job market. The program is simple and easy to follow as the book is written in chronological form to anticipate not only the potential needs of the applicant, but the necessary solutions to these problems as they occur during a job search.

During the course of reading this book, here’s what the job applicant will learn: the importance of having a systems approach in one’s job search; the importance of understanding total quality; how to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare for the hiring process; how to negotiate through the necessary protocol of this difficult process; and, how to smoothly transition from one position to another with greater potential.

The Advice of a Headhunter uses a logical, sequential approach to assist applicants in their vocational endeavors. This comprehensive program shows the candidate exactly what skills to apply, when to use them, and how to use those skills effectively. The Advice of a Headhunter provides a blueprint for career success that can be read and studied to perfection before one tackles the job market.

The most critical time in many peoples’ lives is not while they are successfully climbing the corporate ladder with their present employer, but during those times when they are contemplating a new or different position or when they are unfortunately unemployed. The Advice of a Headhunter provides them with an overall engineering-driven plan for career success that will follow them for the rest of their lives. The Advice of a Headhunter provides the first real complete systems approach to finding a job in today’s difficult career market.

Time can be a luxury that you have in navigating through your career, but only if you choose to use it wisely. Those who choose to invest the time and effort necessary today in order to enhance their careers, will be propelling their vocational journeys in life for a long time to come.

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