The Big Red Barn

The Hite Barn

On The Double H Ranch

In The Magic Valley
At Jerome, Idaho

Owned By Gene And Sylvia Hite

Story by Don Hite © 1999 to Present

The Big Red Barn

The Hite Barn

Copyright © 1999 to Present by Donald Dean Hite

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Donna Marie Hite at age 3 in the Summer of 1937 in front of the Big Red Barn.

Every effort has been taken to ensure the historical accuracy of the events described within this book by relying upon the original sources of information whenever possible. This study has included a review of the original legal documents associated with the Hite Family Farm as well as many historical photographs that have been carefully dated by either known and recorded events or the age of one or more of the individuals in the pictures. This research has also included numerous interviews with many individuals who were personally involved with either the Hite Family Farm or the Hite Barn, or who know the individuals that were personally involved with the farm or the barn.

The history of the Big Red Barn and those who knew it is considered an on-going work. For those who would like further information, or for those who have comments, suggestions, or corrections to this work, please contact:

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